Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum

Swabian Alps Region

This well-curated museum traces Schwäbisch Hall’s history with a collection of shooting targets, Roman figurines and rarities including an exquisite hand-painted wooden synagogue interior from 1738 and a 19th-century mouse guillotine.

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1. Neubau

0.08 MILES

Towering above Pfarrgasse is the steep-roofed, 16th-century Neubau, built as an arsenal and granary and now used as a theatre. Ascend the stone staircase…

2. Rathaus

0.11 MILES

The baroque-style Rathaus is festooned with coats of arms and cherubs.

3. Am Markt

0.12 MILES

On Am Markt square, your gaze is drawn to the ornate Rathaus and to the terracotta-hued Widmanhaus at No 4, a remnant of a 13th-century Franciscan…

4. Kirche St Michael

0.12 MILES

Steps lead spectacularly up to the late-Gothic Kirche St Michael, which was built in place of the original three-aisled basilica.

5. Gotischer Fischbrunnen

0.13 MILES

The Gotischer Fischbrunnen (1509) is a large iron tub once used for storing fish before sale.

6. Kunsthalle Würth

0.17 MILES

The brainchild of industrialist Reinhold Würth, this contemporary gallery is housed in a striking limestone building that preserves part of a century-old…

7. Hohenloher Freilandmuseum

2.57 MILES

One place you can be guaranteed of seeing a black-spotted pig is this open-air farming museum, a sure-fire hit with the kids with its traditional…

8. Schloss Weikersheim

26.55 MILES

Schloss Weikersheim is the finest palace on the entire Romantic Road. Renaissance to the core, it's surrounded by beautiful formal gardens inspired by…