The Gothic Frauenkirche's carillon, the world’s oldest made from porcelain, chimes a different ditty six times daily. Climb the tower for fine red-roof views of the Altstadt.

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Nearby Saxony attractions

1. Markt

0.04 MILES

The handsome Markt is flanked by colourfully painted historic townhouses along with the Rathaus (1472) and the Gothic Frauenkirche.

2. Dom

0.25 MILES

Meissen’s dome, a high-Gothic masterpiece begun in 1250, does not impress as much by its size as by the wealth of its interior decorations. Stained-glass…

3. Albrechtsburg

0.27 MILES

Lording it over Meissen, the 15th-century Albrechtsburg was the first German castle constructed for residential purposes, but is more famous as the…

4. Erlebniswelt Haus Meissen

0.46 MILES

Next to the historic porcelain factory south of the Altstadt, this museum is the place to witness the astonishing artistry and artisanship that makes…

5. Schloss Moritzburg

9.13 MILES

An impossibly romantic vision in yellow and white surrounded by an enormous moat-like lake and a park that is at turns wild and formal, baroque Schloss…

6. Yenidze

13.28 MILES

The huge mosque-like Yenidze began life in 1909 as a cigarette factory with a chimney disguised as a minaret and a stained-glass dome. Today, it's home to…

7. Kraftwerk Mitte

13.35 MILES

If you are interested in urbanism and the redevelopment of industrial facilities, check out this giant 19th-century red-brick powerplant reborn as a…

8. Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon

13.72 MILES

This wonderful collection of scientific implements, dating from the early 16th century onwards, will delight anyone interested in the history of science…