This museum documenting Wagner's formative years in Leipzig, opened in his former school in 2013, provides a detailed overview of the composer's upbringing, education and early compositions.

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1. Nikolaikirche

0.03 MILES

This church has Romanesque and Gothic roots, but since 1797 has sported a striking neoclassical interior with palm-like pillars and cream-coloured pews…

2. Kroch-Haus

0.09 MILES

Leipzig's first 'skyscraper', the 11-storey Kroch-Haus is topped by a clock and two muscular bronze sentries, who bash the bell at regular intervals; the…

3. Zeitgeschichtliches Forum

0.12 MILES

This fascinating, enormous and well-curated exhibit covers the political history of the GDR, from division and dictatorship to fall-of-the-Wall ecstasy…

4. Stadtgeschichtliches Museum

0.14 MILES

Leipzig's beautiful Renaissance town hall is an atmospheric setting to recount the twists and turns of the city's history from its roots as a key medieval…

5. Stadtgeschichtliches Museum - Neubau

0.15 MILES

A modern extension to the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, the nearby Neubau presents quality temporary exhibits, and is included on the combined ticket …

6. Paulinum

0.15 MILES

Looking like an airport terminal devouring a Gothic cathedral, Leipzig University's main building is a boldly postmodern tribute to the 13th-century…

7. Augustusplatz

0.15 MILES

Massive Augustusplatz may look nondescript at best, and foreboding at worst, but it is actually flanked by some of Leipzig's most famous buildings,…

8. Museum der Bildenden Künste

0.17 MILES

This imposing modernist glass cube is the home of Leipzig's fine art museum and its world-class collection of paintings from the 15th century to today,…