Kulturhistorisches Mueum

Central Germany

This restored and enlarged museum boasts the original Magdeburger Reiter statue from 1240. A gilded copy is on Alter Markt.

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1. Dom


Magdeburg’s main historical landmark traces its roots to 937 when Otto I founded a Benedictine monastery and built it into a fully fledged cathedral…

2. Grüne Zitadelle


This piglet-pink building with trees growing from its facade and meadows sprouting on its rooftops was the final design of Viennese artist Friedensreich…

4. Rathaus

0.58 MILES

After the original bronze door of the Rathaus (town hall) on Alter Markt was destroyed by WWII bombing, local artist Heinrich Apel designed the current…

5. Elbauenpark

1.91 MILES

The Elbauenpark was carved out of the landscape for a 1999 garden exhibition, and has rose, sculpture and other gardens along with a butterfly house. Its…

6. Wasserstrassenkreuz

7.89 MILES

You’ll rub your eyes in disbelief when you first see it: a massive, water-filled bridge straddling the Elbe River. The Wasserstrassenkreuz is Europe’s…

7. John Cage Orgel Kunst Projekt

29.48 MILES

The performance of American avant-garde composer and musical theorist John Cage's Organ²/ASLSP began in the shell of the former Kirche St Burchardi in…