Frankfurt & Southern Rhineland

Crossing the Saar River via the footbridge Alte Brücke takes you to the Stengel-designed baroque Schlossplatz, around which you’ll find the city’s ensemble of museums. The dominant building here is the Saarbrücker Schloss, which incorporates several architectural styles from Renaissance to baroque to neoclassical. The northern wing was once used by the Gestapo as offices and detention cells.

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1. Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte

0.03 MILES

The standout exhibit at this museum covering the Romans, the Celts and their predecessors is resplendent gold jewellery from around 400 BC, discovered in…

2. Alte Sammlung

0.03 MILES

The Saarland Museum’s Alte Sammlung ('old collection') displays a millennium’s worth of paintings, porcelain, tapestries and sculptures from southwest…

3. Museum in der Schlosskirche

0.05 MILES

Inside a desanctified late-Gothic church, the Museum in der Schlosskirche features religious art from the 13th to 19th centuries. Highlights include the…

4. Historisches Museum Saar

0.06 MILES

The Saarbrücker Schloss’ basement and a modern annex house the well-designed Museum of Regional History. The section covering Saarland from 1870 to the…

5. Ludwigskirche

0.26 MILES

The star at Friedrich Joachim Stengel’s handsome Ludwigsplatz, flanked by stately baroque town houses, is his architectural masterpiece, Ludwigskirche. A…

6. St Johanner Markt

0.29 MILES

The heart of Saarbrücken, historic St Johanner Markt is a long, narrow public square anchored by an ornate fountain designed by Friedrich Joachim Stengel…

7. Moderne Galerie

0.36 MILES

One of Saarland’s cultural highlights, the Saarland Museum’s Moderne Galerie covers European art from the late 1800s to the present, and is especially…

8. Basilika St Johann

0.37 MILES

This dazzlingly baroque Catholic church, designed by Friedrich Joachim Stengel and completed in 1758, wows you with its gleaming gold altars, pulpit,…