The former Münzhof (mint) has a pretty courtyard that's remarkable for its three-storey Renaissance arcades dating from 1567. An inscription on the western side of the building reads Moneta Regis (Money Rules), particularly apt words for this well-heeled part of Europe. The building now houses the agency charged with protecting Bavaria's many historical monuments.

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1. Alter Hof

0.04 MILES

Alter Hof was the starter home of the Wittelsbach family and has its origins in the 12th century. The Bavarian rulers moved out of this central palace as…

2. Schatzkammer der Residenz

0.11 MILES

The Residenzmuseum entrance also leads to the Schatzkammer der Residenz, a veritable banker's bonus worth of jewel-encrusted bling of yesteryear, from…

3. Residenzmuseum

0.12 MILES

Home to Bavaria's Wittelsbach rulers from 1508 until WWI, the Residenz is Munich's number-one attraction. The amazing treasures, as well as all the…

4. Neues Rathaus

0.15 MILES

The soot-blackened façade of the neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus is festooned with gargoyles, statues and a dragon scaling the turrets; the tourist office is on…

5. Munich Residenz

0.15 MILES

Generations of Bavarian rulers expanded a medieval fortress into this vast and palatial compound that served as their primary residence and seat of…

6. Cuvilliés-Theater

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Commissioned by Maximilian III in the mid-18th century, François Cuvilliés fashioned one of Europe's finest rococo theatres. Famous for hosting the…

7. Altes Rathaus

0.16 MILES

The eastern side of Marienplatz is dominated by the Altes Rathaus. Lightning got the better of the medieval original in 1460 and WWII bombs levelled its…

8. Spielzeugmuseum

0.16 MILES

Spielzeugmuseum, in the south tower of the Altes Rathaus (1474), has a huge collection of toys, Barbie dolls and teddy bears.