Paths converge in the Hofgarten at the renaissance Dianatempel, a striking octagonal pavilion honouring the Roman goddess of the hunt.

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1. Hofgarten

0.07 MILES

Office workers catching some rays during their lunch break, stylish mothers pushing prams, seniors on bikes, a gaggle of chatty nuns – everybody comes to…

2. Munich Residenz

0.13 MILES

Generations of Bavarian rulers expanded a medieval fortress into this vast and palatial compound that served as their primary residence and seat of…

3. Leuchtenberg-Palais

0.14 MILES

Odeonsplatz marks the beginning of the Maxvorstadt, a 19th-century quarter built to link central Munich with Schwabing to the north. Leo von Klenze…

4. Cuvilliés-Theater

0.14 MILES

Commissioned by Maximilian III in the mid-18th century, François Cuvilliés fashioned one of Europe's finest rococo theatres. Famous for hosting the…

5. Lion Statues

0.14 MILES

Four giant bronze lion statues guard the entrance to the Residenz, supported by pedestals festooned with a half-human, half-animal face. Note the…

6. Theatinerkirche

0.18 MILES

The mustard-yellow Theatinerkirche, built to commemorate the 1662 birth of Prince Max Emanuel, is the work of Swiss architect Enrico Zuccalli. Also known…

7. Feldherrnhalle

0.18 MILES

Corking up Odeonsplatz' southern side is Friedrich von Gärnter's Feldherrnhalle, modelled on the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence. The structure pays homage…

8. Schatzkammer der Residenz

0.19 MILES

The Residenzmuseum entrance also leads to the Schatzkammer der Residenz, a veritable banker's bonus worth of jewel-encrusted bling of yesteryear, from…