Coastal Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania

The large Rathaus at the Markt's northern end was built between 1817 and 1819 and houses the excellent Rathaus Historical Exhibition in its basement. Displays include an original 15th-century Wandmalerei (mural) uncovered by archaeologists in 1985, a glass-covered medieval well, and the Wrangel tomb – the coffin of influential Swedish General Helmut V Wrangel and his wife, with outsized wooden figures carved on top.

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1. Markt

0.04 MILES

The centrepiece of Old Wismar, the Markt is an attractive square, dominated by the 1602-built Wasserkunst (waterworks), an ornate, 12-sided well that…

2. St-Marien-Kirche Steeple

0.14 MILES

All that remains of 13th-century St-Marien-Kirche is its great brick steeple (1339), which rises above the city. A multimedia exhibit on medieval church…

3. Fürstenhof

0.19 MILES

Between the St-Marien and St-Georgen churches lies the restored Italian Renaissance Fürstenhof, now the city courthouse. The facades are slathered in…

4. Schabbellhaus

0.22 MILES

The town’s historical museum is in the Renaissance Schabbellhaus in a former brewery (1571), just south of St-Nikolai-Kirche across the canal. It reopened…

5. St-Georgen-Kirche

0.24 MILES

The massive red shell of the St-Georgen-Kirche has been extensively reconstructed and while work continues, the intention is to use it for cultural (Abba…

6. St-Nikolai-Kirche

0.26 MILES

Of the three great red-brick churches that once rose above the rooftops of Wismar before WWII, only the sober St-Nikolai-Kirche, the largest of its kind…

7. Pfaffenteich

18.01 MILES

Schwerin's central lake was created by a dam in the 12th century. Through the centuries it was surrounded by some of the city's most elegant buildings. At…

8. Schelfkirche

18.05 MILES

Just north of the Schelfstadt is the early-18th-century baroque Schelfkirche. It's not usually open to the public, except for services.