Northern Germany

Besides the Rathaus, notable buildings around the large Markt include the Court of Justice, the little gated-in, grotto-like area with paintings depicting scenes of justice being carried out throughout the centuries; and the former Ducal Palace, now a courthouse.

The name Lüneburg hails from the Saxon word hliuni (refuge), which was granted at the Ducal Palace to those fleeing other territories. However, many sources mistakenly assume Lüneburg’s name has something to do with Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon. This is reflected here on the Markt, where authorities at one time seem to have liked this idea, erecting a fountain with a statue of the Roman goddess.

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1. Rathaus

0.03 MILES

The medieval Rathaus has a spectacular baroque facade, added in 1720 and decorated with coats of arms and three tiers of statues. The top row represents …

2. Auf dem Meere


If you continue west along Waagestrasse from the Markt and veer left, you’ll come to Auf dem Meere, a particularly striking Lüneburg street. Here the wavy…

3. Am Sande

0.21 MILES

The cobbled, slightly wobbly street and square Am Sande is full of red-brick buildings with typically Hanseatic stepped gables. Even among these striking…

4. St Johanniskirche

0.25 MILES

At the eastern edge of Am Sande stands the 14th-century St Johanniskirche, whose 108m-high spire leans 2.2m off centre. Local legend has it that the…

5. Deutsches Salzmuseum

0.49 MILES

The Deutsches Salzmuseum explains (in German only) how Lüneburg’s precious food preservative made the town such an important player in the Hanseatic…

6. KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme

14.42 MILES

In the 1938, the Nazis converted an old brick factory 25km southeast of Hamburg into a concentration camp. Over the next seven years, countless numbers of…

7. Auswanderermuseum BallinStadt

24.72 MILES

Sort of a bookend for New York's Ellis Island, Hamburg's excellent emigration museum looks at the conditions that drove about 5 million people to leave…

8. Bullenhuser Damm Schule

25.16 MILES

During WWII, 20 Jewish children were chosen by Dr Josef Mengele at Auschwitz and sent to Neuengamme concentration camp near Hamburg for medical…