Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

The Black Forest

The outstanding State Art Gallery presents a world-class collection, from the canvases of late-Gothic German masters such as Matthias Grünewald and Lucas Cranach the Elder to Impressionist paintings by Degas, Monet and Renoir. Step across to the Orangerie to view works by German artists including Georg Baselitz and Gerhard Richter.

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1. Botanischer Garten

0.08 MILES

Lush with exotic foliage and ideal for a stroll, the Botanischer Garten is speckled with greenhouses, one showcasing a giant Victoria water lily.

2. Schloss

0.23 MILES

From the baroque-meets-neoclassical Schloss, Karlsruhe’s 32 streets radiate like the spokes of a wheel. Karl Wilhelm, margrave of Baden-Durlach, named his…

3. Badisches Landesmuseum

0.23 MILES

The treasure-trove Badisches Landesmuseum, inside the Schloss, shelters the jewel-encrusted crown of Baden's grand-ducal ruling family, and spoils of war…

4. Museum beim Markt

0.23 MILES

At the northern tip of Marktplatz, Museum beim Markt presents an intriguing stash of post-1900 applied arts, from art nouveau to Bauhaus.

5. Marktplatz

0.26 MILES

The grand neoclassical Marktplatz is dominated by the Ionic portico of the 19th-century Evangelische Stadtkirche and the dusky-pink Rathaus. The iconic…

7. Mt Merkur

18.28 MILES

Though modest in height, the 668m Mt Merkur commands widescreen views of Baden-Baden and the Murg Valley. It’s a popular spot for paragliding, gentle…

8. Paradies am Annaberg

18.54 MILES

These Italianate gardens are the perfect spot to unwind, with their soothing fountains and waterfalls. There are fine views of the Altstadt and wooded…