Fairy-Tale Road

Reached through a delightful garden strewn with stone carvings, the Domdechaneigarten, this museum occupies the cathedral's former seminary chapel. Relics tell the story of the abbey church and cathedral back to Carolingian times – be sure to catch the spectacular Silver Altar and a spooky object reputed to be part of the skull of St Boniface.

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1. Dom zu Fulda

0.04 MILES

Inside the baroque Dom (cathedral), built from 1704 to 1712, you’ll find gilded furnishings, plenty of putti (figures of infant boys), some dramatic…

2. Michaelskirche

0.09 MILES

A living kernel of Fulda's long history, this early-9th-century church was once the cemetery chapel for the Benedictine monastery around which the town…

3. Stadtschloss

0.21 MILES

Fulda's spectacular Stadtschloss (town castle) was built from 1706 to 1721 as the prince-abbots' residence. Designed by famed baroque architect Johann…

4. Vonderau Museum

0.36 MILES

Named for an amateur archaeologist who discovered Stone, Bronze and Iron Age relics in the area (the seeds of the current collection), the Vonderau has…

5. Brüder Grimm-Haus and Museum Steinau

19.08 MILES

The famous German folklorists, born in nearby Hanau, lived in this handsome Renaissance stone house as children, from 1791 to 1796. It now houses exhibits…

6. Schloss Steinau

19.1 MILES

One of the most complete surviving early-modern castles in Europe, Steinau Castle is well worth a visit. Built for the Count of Hanau in the mid-16th…