Northern Germany

The Ernst Barlach memorial in the Gertrudenkapelle displays many of his original works. It is about 300m west of the Pferdemarkt fountain in a large grassy park surrounded by housing.

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1. Güstrow Dom

0.34 MILES

Built between 1226 and 1335, the richly ornamented Gothic Dom contains a copy of Ernst Barlach's Hovering Angel, a memorial for the fallen soldiers of WWI…

2. Schloss Güstrow

0.45 MILES

Güstrow's fabulous Renaissance 16th-century Schloss is home to a historical museum as well as a cultural centre, period art exhibitions and occasional…

3. Atelierhaus


Based on sketches he made in Russia, Ernst Barlach's squarish sculptures began bearing the same expressive gestures and hunched-over, wind-blown postures…

4. Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

20.26 MILES

The city's cultural history museum has an interesting collection including Victorian furniture and a few sculptures by Ernst Barlach. It's housed in the…

5. Neuer Markt

20.33 MILES

Rostock’s large, somewhat bland central square is dominated by the splendid 13th-century Rathaus. The building’s baroque facade was added in 1727 after…

6. Marienkirche

20.37 MILES

Central Rostock’s pride and joy is the 13th-century Marienkirche, the only main Rostock church to survive WWII unscathed (although restorations are…

7. Alter Markt

20.42 MILES

Red-brick and pastel-coloured buildings on this large market square hark back to the 14th- and 15th-century Hanseatic era.

8. Petrikirche

20.44 MILES

The Gothic Petrikirche has a 117m-high steeple – a mariner’s landmark for centuries – that was restored in 1994, having been missing since WWII. There's a…