Northern Germany

Based on sketches he made in Russia, Ernst Barlach's squarish sculptures began bearing the same expressive gestures and hunched-over, wind-blown postures of the impoverished people he encountered. Banned by the Nazis, he died in 1938; after the war his works gained full appreciation. Many of his bronze and wood carvings are housed here, along with a biographical exhibition, at his former studio, the Atelierhaus. It's 4km south of the city at Inselsee; take bus 204 or 205.

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1. Schloss Güstrow

1.75 MILES

Güstrow's fabulous Renaissance 16th-century Schloss is home to a historical museum as well as a cultural centre, period art exhibitions and occasional…

2. Güstrow Dom

1.88 MILES

Built between 1226 and 1335, the richly ornamented Gothic Dom contains a copy of Ernst Barlach's Hovering Angel, a memorial for the fallen soldiers of WWI…

3. Gertrudenkapelle


The Ernst Barlach memorial in the Gertrudenkapelle displays many of his original works. It is about 300m west of the Pferdemarkt fountain in a large…

4. Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

21.85 MILES

The city's cultural history museum has an interesting collection including Victorian furniture and a few sculptures by Ernst Barlach. It's housed in the…

5. Neuer Markt

21.89 MILES

Rostock’s large, somewhat bland central square is dominated by the splendid 13th-century Rathaus. The building’s baroque facade was added in 1727 after…

6. Marienkirche

21.93 MILES

Central Rostock’s pride and joy is the 13th-century Marienkirche, the only main Rostock church to survive WWII unscathed (although restorations are…

7. Alter Markt

21.96 MILES

Red-brick and pastel-coloured buildings on this large market square hark back to the 14th- and 15th-century Hanseatic era.

8. Petrikirche

21.98 MILES

The Gothic Petrikirche has a 117m-high steeple – a mariner’s landmark for centuries – that was restored in 1994, having been missing since WWII. There's a…