Deutsches Weintor

German Wine Route

There's no missing the start of the German Wine Route, which is marked by this towering stone gate, the 1936-built Deutsches Weintor. Inside is one of Germany's largest wine cooperatives. The adjacent Vinothek doubles as a tourist information office.

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1. Burg Trifels

10.05 MILES

Thought to be of Celtic origins, this enormous red-sandstone hilltop castle was first documented in 1081. Between 1125 and 1298 it was the repository of…

3. Hambacher Schloss

20.22 MILES

Atop a forested Pfälzerwald hill 6km southwest of the centre, this 'cradle of German democracy' is where idealistic locals, Polish refugees and French…

4. Botanischer Garten

20.33 MILES

Lush with exotic foliage and ideal for a stroll, the Botanischer Garten is speckled with greenhouses, one showcasing a giant Victoria water lily.

5. Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

20.36 MILES

The outstanding State Art Gallery presents a world-class collection, from the canvases of late-Gothic German masters such as Matthias Grünewald and Lucas…

6. Badisches Landesmuseum

20.54 MILES

The treasure-trove Badisches Landesmuseum, inside the Schloss, shelters the jewel-encrusted crown of Baden's grand-ducal ruling family, and spoils of war…

7. Schloss

20.54 MILES

From the baroque-meets-neoclassical Schloss, Karlsruhe’s 32 streets radiate like the spokes of a wheel. Karl Wilhelm, margrave of Baden-Durlach, named his…

8. Museum beim Markt

20.55 MILES

At the northern tip of Marktplatz, Museum beim Markt presents an intriguing stash of post-1900 applied arts, from art nouveau to Bauhaus.