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Eastern Saxony

The southeast corner of Germany, Eastern Saxony is a land of bucolic meadows and gentle hills that transform into low-lying mountains on the Czech border. Influenced by Slavic nations in the east and south, this is also the homeland of Germany's own Slavic minority, the Sorbs. Their cultural capital is Bautzen, home to the Sorbian museum and the venue of an annual Easter equestrian parade organised by the Sorbian community.

In the far east, divided between Germany and Poland, the magnificent town of Görlitz is a delight for architecture buffs. It's also just a great place to unwind for a few days, visiting museums and venturing further along the Polish border to the gardens of Bad Muskau, a masterpiece of landscape design. It's worth visiting the tiny town of Herrnhut, too, for its impressive collection of artefacts from all around the world amassed by Christian missionaries.