A top attraction around Garmisch is this narrow and dramatically beautiful 700m-long gorge with walls rising up to 80m. The trail hewn into the rock is especially spectacular in winter when you can walk beneath curtains of icicles and frozen waterfalls.

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Nearby Garmisch-Partenkirchen attractions

1. Kirchdorf Wamberg

1.72 MILES

For an easy hike accompanied by achingly quaint, chocolate-box views head to Germany's highest Kirchdorf (basically a hamlet with a church where services…

2. Jagdschloss Schachen

3.89 MILES

A popular hiking route is to King Ludwig II’s hunting lodge, Jagdschloss Schachen, which can be reached via the Partnachklamm in about a four-hour hike …

3. Kloster Ettal

6.54 MILES

Ettal would be just another bend in the road were it not for this famous monastery. The highlight here is the sugary rococo basilica housing the monks'…

4. Zugspitze

7.01 MILES

Ehrwald’s crowning glory is the glaciated 2962m Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, straddling the Austro-German border. From the crest there’s a…

5. Zugspitze

7.09 MILES

On good days, views from Germany’s rooftop extend into four countries. The return trip starts in Garmisch aboard a cogwheel train (Zahnradbahn) that chugs…

6. Geigenbaumuseum

7.24 MILES

Matthias Klotz (1653–1743) is the man credited with turning Mittenwald into an internationally renowned centre of violin making. Learn more about him, the…

7. Pilatushaus

8.74 MILES

Aside from the Passion Play, Oberammergau's other claim to fame is its Lüftmalerei, the eye-popping house facades painted in an illusionist style. The…

8. Oberammergau Museum

8.81 MILES

This is one of the best places to view exquisite examples of Oberammergau's famously intricate woodcarving art. The village has a long tradition of…