Altes Rathaus


Like a ship in dry dock, Bamberg's 1462 Old Town Hall was built on an artifical island in the Regnitz River, allegedly because the local bishop had refused to give the town's citizens any land for its construction. Inside you'll find the Sammlung Ludwig, a collection of precious porcelain, but even more enchanting are the richly detailed frescos adorning its facades – note the cherub's leg cheekily protruding from the eastern facade.

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1. Klein Venedig


A row of diminutive, half-timbered cottages once inhabited by fishermen and their families (hence the street's name meaning 'fishery') comprises Bamberg’s…

2. Bamberger Dom

0.21 MILES

Beneath the quartet of spires, Bamberg’s cathedral is packed with artistic treasures, most famously the slender equestrian statue of the Bamberger Reiter …

3. Neue Residenz

0.23 MILES

This splendid episcopal palace gives you an eyeful of the lavish lifestyle of Bamberg’s prince-bishops who, between 1703 and 1802, occupied its 40-odd…

4. Historisches Museum

0.27 MILES

Bamberg's main museum fills the Alte Hofhaltung (old court hall), a former prince-bishops' palace near the cathedral, with a mixed bag of exhibits. These…

5. Fränkisches Brauereimuseum

0.51 MILES

Located in the Kloster St Michael, this comprehensive brewery museum exhibits over 1000 period mashing, boiling and bottling implements, as well as…

6. Kloster St Michael

0.52 MILES

Above Domplatz, at the top of Michaelsberg, is the Benedictine Kloster St Michael, a former monastery and now an aged people’s home. The monastery church…

7. Coburger Puppenmuseum

25.57 MILES

Filling a huge townhouse, this delightfully old-fashioned museum boasts a huge nostalgia-inducing collection. The downstairs section is like a museum of…

8. Schloss Ehrenburg

25.58 MILES

The erstwhile residence of the Coburg dukes, Ehrenburg is a must for fans of the British monarchy – it was here that Prince Albert spent his childhood and…