Museum der Brotkultur


How grain grows, what makes a good dough and other bread-related mysteries are unravelled at the Museum of Bread Culture. The collection celebrates bread as the staff of life over millennia and across cultures, displaying curios from mills to Egyptian corn mummies.

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1. Ulmer Münster

0.19 MILES

'Ooh, it’s so big'… First-time visitors gush as they strain their neck muscles gazing up to the Münster. It is. And rather beautiful. Celebrated for its…

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3. Einstein Memorial

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On Bahnhofstrasse sits Max Bill’s memorial (1979) to the great physicist – a stack of red-granite pillars marking the spot where Einstein was born.

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On the third Monday of July, the mayor swears allegiance to the town’s 1397 constitution from the 1st-floor loggia of the early 17th-century baroque…