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Art and culture

Wine on the Rhine: three German wine regions off the beaten path

7 min readPublished Oct 7, 2019

Just within the last twenty years, Spätburgunder and other Germany pinot noirs have climbed in popularity, and now not only makes up over a third of Germany’s wine sales, but have established Germany as the third-largest pinot noir producer in the world behind France and the United States.

There's far more to German wine regions that a sea of endless Rieslings. Pinot noirs, sparkling wines, and other varietals have become quite popular, too. © Marco Bottigelli / Getty Images
Art and culture

The naked truth: German bathhouse culture

5 min readPublished Feb 18, 2019

Visitors to Germany have long admired its historic architecture, world-class museums, and excellent beer gardens. But there’s one aspect of German culture…

People relaxing in an outdoor pool at Neptunbad, Cologne. The pool is surrounded by a zen garden, featuring trees and gateways