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$97 Day Trips & Excursions

1 Day Wine Tour in Kakheti Region

The tour will start in Tbilisi and will be finished in Tbilisi. The tour takes place in Kakheti region, total milage of the tour is circa 300km, the itinerary includes: Fresh Georgian bread directly from fireplace and cheese tasting on the way to Kakheti, in village of Badiauri Visit Sighnaghi, town of love, city is surrounded by amazing defensive wall on the foreground of breathtaking views of Alazani Valley and great Caucasus mountains on background.   Wine tasting at Okro's winery, boutique wine producer that produces only 100% natural wines, with very limited production and export to Italy, France, Spain, UK, Japan, Australia and USA. You will have the chance to enjoy 3 types of natural wines and Chacha (Georgian grape vodka, like Italian grappa). Lunch and wine tasting in authentic family museum and wine cellar in Velistsikhe. 2 types of wine and Chacha. Vegetarian meal is available upon prior request.  Wine tasting in Khareba winery and preparation of Georgian traditional dessert CHURCHKHELA. Winery is located in former underground bomb shelter of Soviet era, near town of Kvareli. Sampling of 2 types of wine. Gremi monastery complex, XVI century architectural complex Back to Tbilisi through Gombori pass (1,620 mt ASL)

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Best of Kakheti Private Full-Day Tour from Tbisili

Your tour begins between 9am and 9:30am when your private guide and driver meet you at your Tbilisi hotel.Settle inside your comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and set off for Georgia’s southern Kakheti region, close to the border with Azerbaijan. After about an hour on the road, arrive in a stunningly scenic region of stark, semi-desert landscapes, remote valleys and hills, and saltwater lakes shimmering in the sunlight.Pause at the most scenic points to take photos or simply listen to the silence, and then continue to your first main stop: the legendary David Gareja Monastery. This 1,500-year-old monastic complex consists of caves and buildings hewn from the stone slopes of Mt. Gareja on the border with Azerbaijan.Visit the lower monastery and then hike to the upper part, with its series of abandoned caves, carved into giant rock slabs. Here, stand on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan and take photos of the awesome views over Azerbaijan and Armenia. Then, explore the caves, some of them adorned with ancient paintings that neither Persian or Soviet armies ever managed to destroy.After exploring here, continue to Bodbe – a medieval monastery-convent with fairy tale looks situated near Signagi, a charming hilltop town with tiny streets, balconied houses, and well-preserved fortified walls and watchtowers.Visit the convent and learn about its rich history, and take a stroll in Signagi, learning why it’s dubbed the ‘City of Lovers.’ Stop at one of the best restaurants in town to enjoy a typical Kakhetian lunch, and if you wish, opt to visit a local, family-run winery (additional cost) that produces high quality, bio wines according to traditional Georgian methods.Tour the cellars and facilities to learn about the winery’s production processes and enjoy a wine tasting: sampling up to four wines with snacks. The wines you will taste are rare and mostly exported to international restaurants, so your visit provides a great opportunity to purchase your favorite varieties at wholesale prices.Lastly, on your way back to Tbilisi, pass a village famous for making churchkela, a Georgian candle-shaped candy made from nuts and grape juice that’s served as a dessert.Stop to try and buy some of these delicious sweet treats at a great local price before your tour ends with a hotel drop-off in Tbilisi.Please note: please advise if you wish to add the wine tasting experience to your tour when you book.

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Full Day Tour in Sighnaghi Bodbe Tsinandali from Tbilisi

We will start full day tour in Kakheti region in the morning at 10:00am by picking you up centrally located Tbilisi hotels or accommodation. During this tour you can visit 3 different cities of kakheti region: Sighnaghi, Bodbe and Tsinandali. Travel duration is 1.5 hours (one way).In Sighnaghi (city of love) you can explore very beautiful renovated town, with its cultural and historical traditions. You can visit national Museum of Georgia; Painter - Niko Firosmani Museum. In Bodbe you can visit Bodbe monastery. Bodbe Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastic complex and the seat of the Bishops of Bodbe located 2 km from the town of Sighnaghi, Kakheti, Georgia. Originally built in the 9th century, it has been significantly remodelled, especially in the 17th century. The monastery now functions as a nunnery and is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th-century female evangelist of Georgians, whose relics are shrined there.Tsinandali Palace - tour in Aleksandre Chavchavadze Museum, Walking in residence's very beautiful Garden. Wine tasting were Georgian wine brand "Tsinandali" are being produced. you can taste the wine Tsinandali at Museum's cellar.Chavchavadze constructed a new Italianate palace and built a decorative garden in 1835. It was the place where Chavchavadze frequently entertained foreign guests with music, wit, and – most especially – the fine vintages made at his estate winery (marani). Familiar with European ways, Chavchavadze built Georgia’s oldest and largest winery where he combined European and centuries-long Georgian winemaking traditions.

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Full-Day Private Tour to David Gareji and Sighnaghi from Tbilisi

The tour includes 4 important cultural monuments of Kakheti region Davit Gareja Monastery complex, village Badiauri, Monastery of Bodbe and city Sighnaghi. Departure from Tbilisi early in the morning, to the direction of Gareja desert (driving distance 100km). Davit-Gareja is rock-hewn Georgian orthodox monastery complex. The complex was established in the 6th century by David, one of the thirteen Assyrian monks, who arrived in the country at the same time and preached the name of Christ. The monasteries are located in a semi-desert and consist of 19 religious buildings. The greatest monastery activitly, but after the invasions f conquerors, the complex was destroyed and robbed. However, Davit-Gareja is one of the stunning historical-cultural monuments in Georgia. Afterwards, drive to Sighnaghi 100 km away from Tbilisi. On the way short stop in village Badiauri. In this village you can see how Georgian bread is baked. From Badiauri continue your way to Bodbe. Visit one of the most famous monastery in the Georgia, Bodbe Monastery, the holy place for Georgian people, because there is buried St. Nino, who brought Christianity in Georgia in the middle of 4th century. According to legend she had healing properties. The church acquired its current shape in the 9th century. At last tourists will have an opportunity to visit Sighnaghi. Founded by the famous King Erekle II in 1772. Buildings in the city built in the style of southern Italian classicism with Georgian elements. Famous for its eponymous castle, this is included in the list of the most famous and largest forts in Georgia. The city is surrounded with high defending wall, 4 km in length. A few years ago, Sighnaghi was restored and constructed. Since then a lot of tourists have visited the city to enjoy the stunning panorama, which opens on Alazani Valley. The town’s architecture is unique with ond and the modern components. Today Sighnaghi has additional status: it is known as a “City of Love”.

$69 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Full-Day Private Wine Tour To Kakheti from Tbilisi

In the morning, drive to Telavi, Kakheti region - east from Tbilisi, the largest wine producing region in Georgia. The first destination is Gremi Fortress (XVI c) that was the main city of Kakheti region until XVI C. Enjoy the picturesque location of the fortress with tall bell tower and high walls.Next, trip continues to wine tunnels built under the hills of the Great Caucasus mountains. Total length of the tunnels is 8,000 kilometers. Two main tunnels are more than 800 meters each. The tunnels are used to keep the wine. Above the wine tunnels, one can find a beautiful restaurant built on the top of the hill with picturesque views on Alazani Valley and delicious Georgian meals.Further on, head towards Prince Chavchavadze Palace (XIX c) at village Tsinandali with a wonderful French park and wine cellar. After visiting the palace, guests will visit the Shumi wine factory-museum for another wine tasting and if desired, you can purchase some bottles of wine locally from the factory.At the end of the tour visit of Telavi - the main city and administrative center of Kakheti region (100 kilometers east from Tbilisi). Here you can find the local market in the town, where you can enjoy and buy a wide range of different fruits and vegetables, including apples, peaches, grapes, pomegranates, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Finally, travel through Gombori Pass to return to Tbilisi.

$390 Day Trips & Excursions

Kakheti Private Sightseeing Tour with Bodbe, Wine, and More

Starting time is adjustable, though we recommend to start not later than 10 am in order to be back before night. 1. Pick up from your hotel2. Bodbe monastery - a beautiful convent with one of the main Christian relicts - the tomb of St. Nino. Try the confectionary made by nuns.3. Signagi - the city of love located on a hill, overviewing the Alazani valley and the Great Caucasus. Walk through the small streets, see the old church, the impressive defense wall and discover the true story behind "1000000 of roses".4. Visit a traditional family run winery, learn about the origins of Georgian wine making and why Georgia is called "the craddle of wine". Taste wines and chacha.5. Kvareli lake - favorite SPA resort of Georgians. Hidden between green hills, the lake is a famous, yet less frequented spot where you can relax and enjoy not only the views, but also the food. A dinner of traditional Georgian dishes is waiting for you.6. Gremi - a fairy-tale like castle from the Middle ages, once a flourishing capital of Kakheti kingdom in the middle of the Alazani valley.7. Gombori pass - enjoy the sunset on the scenic mountain road to Tbilisi

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