Marae Arahurahu

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Whether or not you believe in the powers of the tiki (sacred statue), it’s hard to deny there is an amazing energy radiating from Marae Arahurahu in the Pa’ea district. Tranquil, huge and beautifully maintained, the marae (traditional temple) is undoubtedly the best-looking one on the island and even rivals those on other islands.

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1. Plage du PK23.5

1.12 MILES

This rather wide (by Tahiti standards) beach is popular with families and has public facilities. The sand is white-grey.

2. Marae Marae Taata

1.94 MILES

This very well-maintained site holds three adjoined stone courtyards, each with its own ahu (alter). It was probably used for religious fishing rituals…

3. Plage de Vaiava

2.07 MILES

Beloved by locals, Plage du PK18 is a stunning beach to sun yourself on, but not that great for swimming or snorkelling due to the shallow water. The…

4. Plage du Mahana Park

2.16 MILES

Plage du Mahana Park has calm waters and a snorkelling reef close to shore. On weekends there are kayaks for hire.

5. Mara’a Grotto

3.03 MILES

Lush gardens, overhung caverns, crystal-clear pools and ferny grottoes are all standard features at gorgeous Mara’a Grotto. The fairy-tale park is found…

6. Plage de Toaroto

4.79 MILES

This narrow stretch of white coral sand is suitable for swimming and has public facilities.

7. Musée de Tahiti et des Îles

4.98 MILES

Only 15km from Pape’ete along the west coast, this excellent museum, in Puna’auia, is divided into four sections: geography and natural history; pre…

8. Marina Taina

8.01 MILES

The elegant Marina Taina is a trendy spot featuring restaurants, bars, two diving centres and, of course, lots of yachts.