Château d'Ancy-le-Franc


The Italian Renaissance makes a cameo appearance at this imposing château, built in the 1540s by celebrated Italian architect Serlio. The richly painted interior, like the 32m-mural in the Pharsale Gallery, is mainly the work of Italian artists brought to Fontainebleau by François I. English-language handouts are available for self-guided tours. Don't miss Diane de Poitiers' private apartments on the ground floor, with their recently restored late-16th-century frescoes. Ancy-le-Franc is 19km southeast of Tonnerre (a 20-minute drive via the D905).

For a unique culinary experience, sign up for one of the cooking courses taught by top local chefs in the château's historic kitchens. The four-hour experience, including a multicourse lunch and pairings of Burgundy wines, costs €120 per person (minimum eight participants).

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