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The Dordogne, Limousin & the Lot

The Dordogne, Limousin and the Lot are the heart and soul of la belle France, a land of dense oak forests, winding rivers, emerald-green fields and famously rich country cooking. It’s the stuff of which French dreams are made: turreted châteaux and medieval villages line the riverbanks, wooden-hulled gabarres (traditional flat-bottomed, wooden boats) ply the waterways, and market stalls overflow with pâté, truffles, walnuts, cheeses and fine wines.

The Dordogne département has a bevy of bastides (fortified towns) and fantastic medieval castles, as well as Europe’s most spectacular cave paintings, and probably the best cuisine. To the northeast, Limousin – now part of the larger Nouvelle Aquitaine région – is the most rural, strewn with farms and hamlets, as well as the porcelain centre, Limoges. To the south, the Lot département is ribboned with rivers to cruise and caverns to explore, plus dramatic hilltop villages and medieval settlements.

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