Pont St-Bénézet

Top choice in Avignon

The Avignon Papal Palace (Palais des Papes) and the Avignon Bridge (Pont d'Avignon or Pont St-Bénézet) illuminated at night under the deep blue sky reflecting in the still waters of Rhone river. ; Shutterstock ID 609704714

Shutterstock / Sergey Tubin

Legend says Pastor Bénézet (a former shepherd) had three visions urging him to build a bridge across the Rhône. Completed in 1185, the 900m-long bridge linked Avignon with Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. It was rebuilt several times before all but four of its 22 spans were washed away in the 1600s, leaving the far side marooned in the middle of the Rhône. There are fine (and free) views from Rocher des Doms park, Pont Édouard Daladier and Île de la Barthelasse's chemin des Berges.

Don't be surprised if you spot someone dancing: in France, the bridge is known as Pont d’Avignon after the nursery rhyme: 'Sur le pont d’Avignon/L’on y danse, l'on y danse…' (On Avignon Bridge, all are dancing…).