Îles de Lérins

Côte d'Azur

Although just 20 minutes away by boat, Cannes' tranquil islands feel far from the madding crowd. Île Ste-Marguerite, where the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated during the late 17th century, is known for its bone-white beaches, eucalyptus groves and small marine museum. Tiny Île St-Honorat has been a monastery since the 5th century; you can visit the church and small chapels and stroll through the monks' vineyards.

Boats leave Cannes from quai des Îles on the western side of the harbour. Trans Côte d'Azur, Riviera Lines and Horizon all run ferries to Île Ste-Marguerite, while Planaria covers Île St-Honorat.