"Michelin Adventure" facade, a French museum dedicated to the Michelin group located in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

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L'Aventure Michelin


Yes, it’s a temple dedicated to the Auvergne’s world-famous tyre brand, but the 'Michelin Adventure' is a crowd-pleasing attraction. Gallery spaces are decked out like 19th-century streets to evoke the early days of the Michelin brothers, whose designs would revolutionise transport worldwide. Some displays are somewhat niche (want to compare a 1919 cord tyre with the 1923 model?) but the museum answers interesting questions about map-making and car manufacture in colourful, interactive ways. Written explanations are in French and English.

Allow at least 1½ hours to explore the collection in full.

Take Tram A to Stade Marcel Michelin.

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