Jardin Rosa Mir


The Jardin Rosa Mir is a walled garden decorated with thousands of seashells accessed off a narrow laneway.

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1. Atelier de Passementerie

0.22 MILES

Preserved for posterity by the Soierie Vivante association, this silk-trimmings workshop functioned until 1979, weaving braids and intricate pictures…

2. Maison des Canuts

0.24 MILES

On a 50-minute guided tour, learn about weavers' labour-intensive life and the industry's evolution, see manual looms in use, and browse the silk boutique…

3. Mur des Canuts

0.27 MILES

Said to be Europe's largest fresco, this magnificent trompe l'oeil shows a slice of daily life among Lyon's residents. The work is packed with intricate…

4. Atelier de Tissage

0.38 MILES

Accessible strictly by guided tour, this wonderful old workshop houses looms that produce large fabrics. It's best visited in conjunction with the nearby…

5. Place Sathonay

0.79 MILES

At the foot of Croix Rousse, this tree-shaded square has a small village atmosphere, with its bars, restaurants and cafes.

6. Parc de la Tête d'Or


If you're museumed out, head to this lovely space north of the centre, which provides a green haven for nature lovers and families. Spanning 117 hectares,…

8. Fresque des Lyonnais

0.87 MILES

Well-known Lyonnais peer out from this beautifully executed seven-storey mural, including loom inventor Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1752–1834), Renaissance…