Basilique Collégiale Notre Dame


Built in Romanesque and Gothic styles from the 11th to 15th centuries, this church was once affiliated with the monastery of Cluny. It's notable for its extra-large porch and the five 15th-century tapestries displayed inside, accessible by a €3 guided tour between April and mid-November (schedules available at tourist office).

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1. Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices de Beaune

0.15 MILES

Built in 1443, this magnificent Gothic hospital (until 1971) is famously topped by stunning turrets and pitched rooftops covered in multicoloured tiles…

2. Maison des Climats

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Opened in 2017 to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Unesco's recognition of Burgundy's vineyards as a World Heritage Site, this free interpretive…

3. Grosse Tour

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This massive early-16th-century tower is a prominent landmark along Beaune's southern ramparts.

4. Moutarderie Fallot


In business since 1840, Burgundy's last family-run stone-ground-mustard company offers guided tours through its mustard museum, focusing on mustard's…

5. Tour Blondeau

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Dating to 1465, this tower is a prominent landmark along Beaune's eastern ramparts.

6. Château de Pommard

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For many red-wine lovers, a visit to this superb château 3km south of Beaune is the ultimate Burgundian pilgrimage. The impressive cellars contain many…

7. Château de Savigny

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Drop in for wine tasting and stay to see the unexpected collection of race cars, motorcycles, airplanes and fire trucks. Last admission is 90 minutes…

8. Château de Meursault

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One of the prettiest of the Côte de Beaune châteaux, Château de Meursault has beautiful grounds and produces some of the most prestigious white wines in…