Much of Bonifacio’s charm comes from strolling the citadel’s shady streets, several spanned by arched aqueducts designed to collect rainwater to fill the communal cistern opposite Église Ste-Marie Majeure. From the marina, the paved steps of montée du Rastello and montée St-Roch bring you up to the citadel’s old gateway, Porte de Gênes, complete with an original 16th-century drawbridge.

Inside the gateway is the 13th-century Bastion de l’Étendard, home to a small history museum. Stroll the ramparts to place du Marché and place de la Manichella for jaw-dropping views over the Bouches de Bonifacio.

On the other side of the citadel, the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon cuts down the southern cliff-face.

West along the limestone headland is the Église Ste-Dominique, one of Corsica’s few Gothic churches and, a little further, Bonifacio’s eerily quiet but beautiful marine cemetery. At the western tip of the peninsula, an underground passage dug by hand during WWII leads to the Gouvernail de la Corse, a rudder-shaped rock about 12m from the shore.