Blois’ medieval and Renaissance old town is well worth a stroll, especially around 17th-century Cathédrale St-Louis, whose lovely multistorey bell tower is dramatically floodlit after dark. Most of the stained glass inside was installed by Dutch artist Jan Dibberts in 2000.

Across the square, the façade of Maison des Acrobates – one of Blois' few surviving 15th-century houses – is decorated with wooden sculptures of figures from medieval farces. Another 15th-century townhouse, 50m from the cathedral's portal, is the Hôtel de Villebrême.

Lovely panoramas unfold across town from the peaceful Jardins de l’Évêché (the gardens behind the cathedral) and from the top of the grand Escalier Dénis Papin staircase linking rue du Palais with rue Denis Papin.