Musée Rolin


Don't miss this superb collection of Gallo-Roman artefacts, 12th-century Romanesque art, 15th-century paintings and modern art including work by Maurice Denis, Jean Dubuffet and Joan Miró. The indisputable masterpiece here is the Temptation of Eve, an unusually sensual (for its time) stone bas-relief by Gislebertus, recently returned from a two-year stint at the Louvre.

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1. Cathédrale St-Lazare

0.04 MILES

Originally Romanesque, this cathedral was built in the 12th century to house the sacred relics of St Lazarus. Over the main doorway, the famous Romanesque…

2. Théâtre Romain

0.67 MILES

Let your imagination run wild at this ancient theatre, designed to hold 16,000 people; try picturing the place filled with cheering (or jeering), toga…

3. Porte St-André

0.89 MILES

At Autun's northeastern edge you'll find the impressive remains of Porte St-André, one of Augustodunum's original four Roman gates.

4. Porte d'Arroux

0.99 MILES

At the edge of town you'll find the impressive remains of two of Augustodunum's four Roman gates. The northern Porte d'Arroux was constructed during…

5. Temple de Janus

1.19 MILES

Long associated (wrongly) with the Roman God Janus, this 24m-high temple in the middle of farmland 800m north of the train station is thought to have…

6. Château de Sully

9.37 MILES

Hidden away in the countryside 15km northeast of Autun, this Renaissance-style château has a beautifully furnished interior and a lovely English-style…

7. Museum of Celtic Civilisation

11.96 MILES

Adjacent to the ancient Celtic stronghold of Bibracte, the excellent Museum of Celtic Civilisation is housed in a minimalist modern structure designed by…

8. Bibracte

12.46 MILES

For anyone who's ever read an Astérix comic book and wondered how France's Celtic people really lived, Bibracte is a must-see. This hilltop stronghold of…