The Porte de la Craffe in Nancy, France.

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Vieille Ville


A saunter through the charming old town takes in the silver-turreted, 14th-century Porte de la Craffe, Nancy’s oldest city gate, and place St-Epvre, dominated by ornate neo-Gothic Basilique St-Epvre.

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Nearby Nancy attractions

1. Place de la Carrière

0.16 MILES

Adjoining place Stanislas – on the other side of Nancy’s own Arc de Triomphe, built in the mid-1750s to honour Louis XV – is this quiet square. Once a…

2. Musée Lorrain

0.16 MILES

Once home to the dukes of Lorraine, the regal Renaissance Palais Ducal now shelters the Musée Lorrain. The rich fine arts and history collection…

3. Musée des Beaux-Arts

0.21 MILES

Lodged in a regal 18th-century edifice, Nancy's standout gallery occupies art lovers for hours. A wrought-iron staircase curls gracefully up to the 2nd…

4. Place Stanislas

0.24 MILES

Nancy’s crowning glory is this grand neoclassical square and Unesco World Heritage Site. Designed by Emmanuel Héré in the 1750s, it was named after the…

5. Chambre de Commerce

0.26 MILES

Built in 1908, the art nouveau Chambre de Commerce features wrought iron by Louis Majorelle.

6. Hôtel de Ville

0.28 MILES

Forming part of the place Stanislas ensemble, the grand 18th-century Hôtel de Ville spreads across the entire southern flank of the square.

7. Place de l’Alliance

0.37 MILES

This lime-tree-fringed square, World Heritage material, is graced by a Baroque fountain by Bruges-born Louis Cyfflé (1724–1806), inspired by Bernini’s…

8. Parc de la Pépinière

0.38 MILES

On a hot summer’s day, escape the crowds in this formal garden, with ornamental fountains, a rose garden and a Rodin sculpture of Baroque landscape…