Rauman Taidemuseo

Finland's West Coast

Changing exhibitions of traditional and modern art stretch over two sides of a courtyard and two storeys.

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1. Marela

0.07 MILES

Marela is arguably the most interesting of Rauma’s museums and definitely one of its most elaborate buildings. The preserved home of a wealthy 19th…

2. Kirsti

0.09 MILES

Formerly a seaman's home, Kirsti is a lovable collection of buildings with a yard that’s circled by a stable, granary and barn. Inside, rooms represent…

3. Pyhän Ristin Kirkko


Picturesquely sited next to the little Rauma river, this stone beauty was built around 1520 as part of a Franciscan monastery on the site. The interior…

4. Rauma Museum


Rauma Museum encompasses four sites, the most interesting of which is Marela, the period-furnished home of a wealthy 19th-century merchant family. The…

5. Vanha Raatihuone


Built in 1776, this impressive baroque building is one of only two original 18th-century town halls in all of Finland. Nowadays, it houses the Rauna…

6. Tammela

0.21 MILES

This quirky place is part museum, part workshop and part historical-preservation lesson. Housed in a 19th-century building in the Old Town, Tammela…

7. Torni

0.43 MILES

A 360-degree panorama of Rauma radiates from this 70m-high water tower, accessible by lift (elevator). At its summit is a restaurant serving Finnish…

8. Rauman Merimuseo

0.66 MILES

Wandering around the Old Town, it’s easy to forget that Rauma is a port, but its maritime museum is an engaging reminder of the town’s seafaring…