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Lapland casts a powerful spell: there's something lonely and intangible here that makes it magical. The midnight sun, the Sámi peoples, the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) and roaming reindeer are all components of this – as is good old ho-ho-ho himself, who ‘officially’ resides here, along with the awesome latitudes: at Nuorgam, the northernmost point, you have passed Iceland and nearly all of Canada and... Read More

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Lapland Lyngen Alps Snowmobile Safari from Tromso

Meet your local guide, then travel by coach to the ferry port. Hop aboard a ferry boat and, as you cut across the water, admire views of the Lyngen Alps during your 20-minute crossing to the mountainous Lyngen Peninsula, one of Norway’s winter sports meccas. All mountains and ravines, this chunk of remote Lapland boasts a network of wonderful snowmobile trails that wind beneath the mountains through spectacular plains, valleys and hills.On arrival, head for the snowmobile station and get a safety briefing and instructions on riding your 2-person snowmobile. Don a supplied thermal suit and helmet and then, once you’re ready, head out behind your guide into the snowy wilderness. Start along an easy trail to build your confidence, and every now and then, stop to take photos of your snowmobile convoy or the epic surrounding scenery. Feel free, during stops, to take turns driving or riding your snowmobile. If you’ve chosen the evening safari, enjoy the added thrill of zooming through the darkness, with only your headlights and maybe the moon to light the way.Before long, the trail will become more challenging. Feel your adrenaline race as you zip across icy tundra, bump over hills and navigate rugged fells and hills. It’s a truly exhilarating experience made even better by the raw and remote setting.Finish at a cozy bar and thaw out with some delicious fish soup and crusty bread, a favorite Sami meal, along with tea, coffee or water.Later, return by ferry and coach to Tromsø, where your experience concludes at the safari center.

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Lapland Reindeer and Husky Safari from Rovaniemi

Your guide will pick up you from the accommodation (only central Hotels and apartments in Rovaniemi). You will visit a reindeer farm and receive detailed familiarization with the life of the reindeer and their daily work and relaxation. You will have the opportunity to pass an exam on handling a reindeer sled and even receive a special “driving license”. Take a seat in the sled and you are off! Getting cold? You can warm yourselves around a bonfire in a nearby hut and enjoy a cup of hot juice. In this traditional Lappish hut you will be “baptized” according to all rules of the North.After your exciting reindeer adventure, you will be taken to a husky farm. Visit the home of these wonderful sled dogs and learn all about them, you can hug and pet the charming and friendly huskies. After safety briefing and instructions, enjoy the excitement of riding a husky-pulled sled. Afterwards, enjoy coffee and sweet hot berry juice spiced with lots of talk about the Huskies and sled dog races in a warm teepee.Then, hop into your coach or minibus for a drop-off back in Rovaniemi, where your tour ends.

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Northern Lights Hunt from Rovaniemi

You will be picked up from your accommodation point in Rovaniemi and transferred for a 2-hour excursion to a traditional Finnish tent with a campfire on lake shore. Return transfers, warm outfit for an additional cost (if the temperature is under -15 degrees outside), a professional guide, hot drink and snacks on fire and hopefully the main feature - the Aurora Borealis or northern lights - will make you feel the real spirit of Lapland!This secret spot is the best place to observe the northern lights as well as the Polar night's beauty. You will also enjoy snacks prepared on campfire and traditional hot berry juice and cookies. A plenty of legends and fascinating stories about the life beyond the Arctic Circle will be told by your professional guide. And if you are lucky the Fire Foxes will appear and lighten up everything around you!

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Lapland Husky Safari from Rovaniemi

Wrap up in winter layers and start your tour with a pickup from Rovaniemi. Hop aboard your car or minivan with your guide and admire the snow-blanketed countryside as you head for a local husky farm.When you arrive, hear the excited barks of the huskies and meet an expert instructor who will explain the experience ahead. After a safety briefing, board your 2-person wooden sled, already harnessed with a team of eager huskies. Choose to stand at the back and drive your sled, or sit inside — it’s up to you, and you’re free to take turns sitting or driving. Get instructions on how to control your sled, learning how to stop and slow down your husky team with just a touch of the brakes. Sleds are easy to drive and most people master the art very quickly!On cue, hold tight as your dogs pull away and dash eagerly through the snow, falling silent as they run. Race in convoy along trails through the wintery forest and revel in the crisp, clear air as you travel, accompanied only by the sound of the dogs’ paws and your sled runners carving through the snow — it’s an exhilarating experience!After your 1.5-hour ride, return to the farm and enjoy a hot berry juice around an open fire. As you warm up, chat to the head musher (a person who drives or travels with a dog sled) and learn more about the friendly, hardworking huskies and how they’re cared for. You’ll also get to meet some adorable husky puppies, who guarantee you a warm welcome!Say goodbye to your four-legged friends and relax on your journey back to Rovaniemi, where your tour concludes. Please note: Due to unpredictable weather conditions, daylight hours and other seasonable changes, the order of activities as described above may be subject to change on the day of your tour.

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Lapland Santa Claus Village from Rovaniemi

Wrap up warm and start your experience with a pickup from central Rovaniemi. Settle into your coach or minibus and drive to the starting point of your tour to board your snowmobile.On arrival, get a safety briefing and instructions on riding your 2-person vehicle. Then, put on your helmet and set off with your expert guide leading the way.Whizz through the snowy countryside, following groomed trails and taking turns driving and riding pillion. As you carve through the ice and snow, breathe in the crisp Arctic air and fairytale scenery — it’s an unforgettable experience! Arrive at a reindeer farm and meet these gentle Arctic animals as you learn about how they're trained from the herders. Then, settle into your sleigh and enjoy an unforgettable reindeer-pulled sleigh ride around a snow-draped forest. Afterward, join in a fun Arctic Circle ceremony to celebrate your crossing into this polar region. Next, zoom back to the snowmobile center. Here, swap your snowmobile for a coach or minibus bound for Santa Claus Village, a magical, fairylit world of elf workshops, restaurants and shops set on a snow-coated hillside.Browse the quaint gift stores and mail a hand-written postcard — it’ll arrive with a unique Santa Claus postmark. You’ll also come face-to-face with Santa Claus himself. If your kids are young, encourage them to tell him what they want for Christmas. As the icing on cake, you’ll also receive your own personal Arctic Circle Crossing Diploma certificate, and dig into a hearty lunch at a cozy village restaurant. See the Itinerary for a sample menu. (Please bear in the mind that menu dishes change regularly and can vary widely).When the time comes, leave the village and travel back to Rovaniemi where your tour ends.Please note: In order to avoid long lines during the busy Christmas period, the lunch and the meeting with Santa might take place outside of the village. In addition, due to unpredictable weather conditions, daylight hours and other seasonable changes, the order of activities as described above may be subject to change on the day of your tour.

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Lapland Reindeer Safari from Rovaniemi Including Sleigh Ride

Dress up warm and start your reindeer safari experience with a pickup from Rovaniemi. Settle into your comfortable transfer vehicle and enjoy the views over snow-coated forests as you travel to a nearby reindeer farm.When you arrive, meet the beautiful reindeer and their herders. Learn how these stoic and gentle animals have been used for pulling and carrying goods in Lapland for centuries due to their strength and sharp hooves — the latter perfect for walking across snow and ice.Climb into a traditional reindeer-drawn sleigh and sit back as your reindeer pulls away with a herder at the reins. Then, cozy up in your seat as your sleigh swooshes along a groomed trail. As you ride, admire the wintery setting and soak up the silence, broken only by the sound of reindeer hooves crunching through the snow — it’s like traveling through a fairytale!After your 1-hour sleigh ride, receive your very own international reindeer driver’s license and warm up around a campfire with piping hot coffee and a sweet snack. Hear interesting facts about reindeer herding and how these magnificent animals are still inextricably linked with country life in Finnish Lapland.When your visit comes to an end, return to your transfer vehicle and journey back to Rovaniemi, where your arctic safari ends.Please note: Due to unpredictable weather conditions, daylight hours and other seasonable changes, the order of activities as described above may be subject to change on the day of your tour.