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The Faroes are a paradise for fell-walkers and ornithologists who accept the pyrotechnically unpredictable climate. Designer-mown by shaggy sheep, fields are blissfully bouncy under-foot. Pastures gleam with the greener-than-green hue of divine billiard tables. Peeping puffins, dive-bombing skuas and wheeling fulmars glide over dizzying chasms. Wave-battered headlands end in plunging cliffs that are as breathtaking as the wild winds that threaten to blow unwary hikers off them. Streymoy is the biggest island of the group, and home to the capital Tórshavn, as well as dramatic scenery galore and the unmissable bird cliffs of Vestmanna. While the Southern Islands aren't quite so dramatic in terms of landscape, islands like Suðuroy and Skúvoy are appealingly low on tourists and high on friendliness.

The proud, stoical Faroese character has been forged from Viking blood, Christian piety, Scandinavian openness and an awe for the humbling nature that’s all around. Few communities this small are so alive with art and the Faroes’ incredibly vibrant music scene is nothing short of astonishing. So even if the weather proves uncooperative, this self-assured little demi-nation is likely to surprise and delight even the most cynical traveller.

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$147.54 Day Trips & Excursions

Trælanýpan "Lake Above The Ocean" Day Tour From Tórshavn

The day begins in the morning when the bus picks you up at your hotel in Tórshavn, the capital.the journey takes you to the old mountainroad out of Tórshavn, were we will make two Photostops, one of the Island Koltur and the other of the only Prison in the Faroe Islands, which has a breath takin view.the bus continues to the island Vágoy, trough a subsea tunnel and will stop in the village Miðvágur. this is were the hike starts.the hike is 3.5KM each way, and it usually takes approx one hour to reach the famous "slaves point" were you will see the optical illusion.This is the time to eat the lunchpack and just enjoy the surroundings. the guide is telling stories all the way, but you will also feel the freedom of walking by yourself when needed.heading back to the bus after approx 1 hour ( depending on weather ) back at the bus, the journey heads back to your hotel in Tórshavn, and the driver usually takes the other way back, just to make sure that you see as much as possible.the day has come to an end and you are dropped of back at your hotel

$216.65 Day Trips & Excursions

Skúvoy "The Hidden Pearl" Whole Day Tour From Tórshavn

The journey starts in the morning, when the bus picks you up right outside your hotel. The tourguide will welcome you, and you will sit down in a comfortable minibuss, while the tourguide explaines about the Faroe Islands dailylife. 20 minutes drive from the hotel, we enter the first ferry, which takes us to the island Sandoy. The sail to sandoy is beautiful with close up views at the two islands Hestur & Koltur. Arriving in Skopun, Sando the bus takes you to another village called Sandur, which is a 20 min. Drive from the ferry. Arriving at Sandur, we will enter the ferry and sail for approx. 20 minutes to Skúvoy. Arriving in Skúvoy we will be greeted by a local who is gonna show us all the beauties and tell us all the stories from the island. You will be greeted with a packed lunch and drinks which is perfect to enjoy while watching the puffins fly around you. After three hours on Skúvoy its time to get back to the ferry and join the bus who waits in Sandoy. The bus will drive you back to your hotel, so now just sit down, relax and think about all the wonderfull things you have experienced during the day.

$931.82 Private & Custom Tours

Golden Circle - Private Tour

The tour begins at the designated pick up.This tour is perfect for cruise guests, and the driver can come right to your ships port to pick you up.After pick up, the driver will head towards the small fairytale village Saksun wich is famous for its natural lagune and old, white church. Walk around and breath the fresh air and listen to the silence.Next village is Tjørnuvík with its beautiful beach and view at the witch and the giant.From Tjørnuvík to the village Gjógv, we stop at the biggest waterfall in the Faroe Islands, Fossá.Arriving in Gjógv, which means Gorge, you can walk around by your own or with you tourguide and see the fantastic landscape that surrounds the village.From Gjógv, we will take a different road back, so you will get the oppurtunity to see the whitch and the giant.If the pick up and drop of is in Tórshavn, the driver/guide will take the old mountainroad back, where you will get the oppurtunity to see the only prison in the Faroe Islands and also the out of this world view at the island Koltur.

$1082.47 Outdoor Activities

6 days small group adventure tours around the Faroe Islands

Monday - Golden Circle ( Saksun, Tjørnvík & Gjógv )   ( 7 hours ) The journey takes you to the Northern Eysturoy and Streymoy were you will visit the three villages Saksun, Tjørnuvík & Gjógv. on the road you will also see some beautiful sights like the biggest waterfall, "Fossá" and the two rocks that stand tall in the ocean, " Risin og Kellingin" - The witch and the Giant. Tuesday: Mykines "The Puffin Island"  (  10.5 Hours ) A wholeday trip to the Ramsar  island, Mykines, were you will drive from Tórshavn to the village Sørvágur and from there sail with a ferry for 40 min. to Mykines. arriving in Mykines, a local greets you and invited you to his house were he has prepared a packed lunch. when everyone is ready, the journey goes towards the lighthouse which is situated on the islet Mykineshólmur. the hike itself to the islet, is problably the best hiking you can do in the Faroes. thousands of puffins, Kittiwakes, Gannets and a few Guillemots surround you in the air while you walk on the beautiful path. on the lighthouse we eat the packed lunch on the Westernmost point of the Faroes. the hike back, well take another route, and from there you will get up close to the Gannets, which is the biggest bird of the Faroes. Wednesday: Northern Islands - Six islands in one day  ( 10 Hours ) A wholeday tour up North, were we will visit the six islands Streymoy, Eysturoy, Borðoy, Kunoy, Kalsoy & Viðoy. This tour includes a lot of driving, visiting many villages such as Klaksvík, Mikladalur, Trøllanes, Viðareiði and many more. From klaksvík there is a 20 min. sail to Kalsoy, were you will get the opportunity to see the Faroes from the sea. Thursday: Vestmanna Birdcliffs  ( 7 Hours ) The journey takes us to the village Vestmanna were the large, comfortable boat that will take you for the 2.5 hour sail to the Vestmanna birdcliffs waits you. to and from Vestmanna, there will be guided sightseeing in beautiful landscapes. Friday: Photography Tour   ( 5 Hours ) a daytrip to the islands Vágoy, which is famous for it's outstanding nature, the Múlaffosur waterfall, lake over the ocean and much more. Saturday: Viking tour - Sandoy and Kirkjubøur   ( 9,5 Hours ) a wholeday trip that includes one ferry to Sandoy and some beautiful sightseeing. Sandoy is also famous for its rich history, and the tourguide will happily tell you all about that as you drive along.  the tour ends in the village Kirkjubøur wich is the most important village, history wise, in the Faroe Islands.

$186.36 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Mykines with a local guide - Selfdrive

Visit: Mykines Holmur Lighthouse, MykinesMykineshólmur is a Ramsar site for rich birdlife. You will see thousands of puffins, Gannets, Kittiwakes and many other birds in breath taking surroundings.

$854.17 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Cruise Special - Múlafossur waterfall ( Private Tour )

After being picket up right at your ships side, the journey goes to the islands Vágar, which lies in the west of the country. you will drive trough the first subsea tunnel in the Faroes, and trough four villages before arriving at Gásadalur. in Gásadalur you can walk around freely in these fantastic surroundings, and see over at the islet Tindhólmur ond enjoy the Bøsdalafossur waterfall. after Gásadalur, we will make a photostop at the village Bøur, and if time, walk around the village. from Bøur the journey takes us back to your ship, and if there is time, you will take the old mountainroute back, were you will see the only prison in the Faroe islands and the view from Norđradalsskarđ over to the island Koltur.arriving back at your ship in good time before the ship leaves the harbour.

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