Hyena-man of Harar feeding a spotted hyena.

© Josep Maria Barres/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Northern Hyena Feeding Site


Located north of Fallana Gate, this is one of Harar's two hyena feeding stations. A highlight of any visit to Harar, this impressive spectacle begins around 6.30pm. There are generally two to four hyenas that make an appearance after the 'hyena man' calls them. If none turn up, you'll be taken to a nearby hyena den where hyenas can be seen with their pups.

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Nearby Harar attractions

1. Livestock Market

0.07 MILES

North of Fallana Gate the weekday livestock market features cows, goats and sheep, but no camels – these are sold at Babille.

2. Fallana Gate Market

0.24 MILES

This attractive gate to the north is the site of a colourful market. A chat market, one of many in the city, is also found here.

3. Emir Nur’s Tomb

0.27 MILES

Emir Nur’s Tomb resembles a spiky green beehive. It’s devoted to the ruler who built the city’s walls, and his wife is also buried inside. You enter the…

4. Jamia Mosque

0.29 MILES

Harar’s great mosque is the only one inside the wall big enough to host both men and women. The mosque was built in the 16th century, though according to…

5. St Mary Catholic Church

0.29 MILES

One of just two churches in Old Harar, St Mary Catholic Church is a haven of peace and a good spot if you need to unwind. It’s a French Catholic mission…

6. Harar National Museum


This modest museum across the road from Ras Makonnen’s Palace hosts household artefacts, traditional costumes, weapons and jewellery.

7. Queen Taitu's Palace

0.31 MILES

What is called Queen Taitu’s Palace, next door to Ras Makonnen's Palace, was neatly restored and now shelters a training centre for craft makers.

8. Ras Makonnen’s Palace

0.31 MILES

Don’t expect a fairy-tale castle. This late-19th-century ‘palace’ is a sharp-edged, charmless building. You can climb to the top floor and soak up the…