Eastern Hyena Feeding Site


One of Harar's two infamous hyena feeding sites, it is located about 1.5km east of Erer Gate (near the garbage dump). This site is usually more productive than the other one because of its isolation and location near the garbage dump (although there's no guarantee).

The first sight of Africa’s second-largest predator is usually of vague shadows and luminous green eyes as they skulk in and out of the shadows. As the pack grows more confident, they dart forward with their peculiar gait until all reservations are lost and they approach the hyena men to be fed, literally climbing on top of them to make a show of it. If you’re game you can feed them yourself, holding the meat stick in your hands or mouth. Most people go with a guide, but it’s not required. If you don't have your own wheels, take a taxi (from Birr150) – it costs more than a bajaj but it’s worth it because they have brighter headlights.

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