Juma'a Mosque

Dire Dawa

Juma'a Mosque is the city's largest mosque and a prominent landmark in the Megala neighbourhood.

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Nearby Dire Dawa attractions

1. Chattara Market

0.03 MILES

Chat is sold all over town, but the trade at the Chattara Market is so frenetic it deserves a look.

2. Dire Dawa Market


Also known as ‘Taiwan’, this is a modern, orderly covered market mostly full of clothing and fabric, though some of the cheap electronic goods that used…

3. Kafira Market


With its Babel-like ambience, the enormous Kafira Market, sprawling way beyond its Moorish-style arches, is the most striking of Dire Dawa's markets…

4. Old Palace

0.47 MILES

This large building is the former imperial residence of Haile Selassie. It's not open to the public and difficult to see from outside.

5. Bete Mikael Church

0.52 MILES

This colourful church, which lies near the Old Palace, is noted for its octagonal shape.

6. Ethiopia-Djibouti Rail Yard

0.63 MILES

Rail fans can clamber through what remains of the once-great Imperial Railway Company of Ethiopia. Ask for Kadra Ali – she can get by in English and will…

7. Greek Orthodox Church

0.74 MILES

This modern, well-proportioned church is most notable for its two spires and yellow facade.

8. Ashawa Market & Livestock Market

0.77 MILES

With its numerous sheet-metal shacks in the back, the chaotic Ashawa Market is well worth a gander. In the wadi behind Ashawa you'll find the livestock…