Karula National Park

Southern Estonia

Fairies, ghosts and witches abound in the 123 sq km of wooded hills, small lakes and ancient stone burial mounds that form Karula National Park, at least according to local folklore. At its centre is Ähijärv, a beautiful lake ringed with trees and reeds which has been considered holy since pagan times. The park’s lakeside visitor centre distributes information and maps for various walking trails, and the long (38km) and short (15km) cycling trails. The Suuremäe campsite is adjacent.

It takes about 90 minutes to loop along the northern end of the lake and through forest and meadows on the blissful 4km-long Ähijärv Trail; keep an eye out for woodpeckers and native orchids.

The park is bisected by a partly unsealed road leading from Mõniste village in the south to the town of Antsla in the north.

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