The beginning of Long Walk in Windsor, Berkshire, which is straight path that links Windsor Castle with Snow Hill in Windsor Great Park

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Windsor Great Park

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Windsor Great Park stretches south from Windsor Castle almost all the way to Ascot, 7 miles southwest. It covers just under 8 sq miles and holds a lake, walking tracks, woods, gardens and a deer park where red deer roam free. The 2.7-mile Long Walk leads from King George IV Gate to the 1831 Copper Horse statue (of George III) on Snow Hill, the park's highest point.

A waterfall cascading over rocks into a dark swirling pool
Virginia Water, part of Windsor Great Park, was a favorite of Queen Victoria © L_H5 / Getty Images

The park includes Virginia Water to the south, a large lake with an impressive 18th century cascade waterfall. Queen Victoria used to love picnicking on the shores here. Created in the 1930s by Sir Eric Savill in the southern reaches of Windsor Great Park, the pretty 14-hectare Savill Garden includes ornamental beds, woodlands and a rose garden.

Parking and other practicalities

There are several well-signposted car parks around Windsor Great Park. Payment is by credit or debit card only. If you have a pre-booked ticket to visit Savill Garden, you don't need to pay for parking at the Savill Garden car park.

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