Gorran Haven

South Cornwall

There's not much to see in this sleepy south-coast village, save for a smattering of seasonal shops and tea-rooms, but the seaside setting is undeniably pretty – and it's an ideal lunch stop if you're trekking on the coast path. The renowned Cornish theatre company Kneehigh has its home base in a barn above the village.

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1. Vault Beach

0.43 MILES

For acres of sand near Mevagissey, Vault is the choice, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. The walk down from the nearby NT car park is long and steep;…

2. Hemmick Beach

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This perfect pocket of golden sand lies to the west of Dodman Point, between Penare and Boswinger. The access road is steep and narrow, and parking next…

3. Dodman Point

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Thrusting into the English Channel, the Dodman (or the rather more macabre Deadman, as it's nicknamed by shipwreck-wary sailors) is the highest headland…

4. Caerhays Castle

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On the hills above the gentle crescent of Porthluney Beach, this crenellated country mansion was originally built for the Trevanions and later remodelled…

5. Lost Gardens of Heligan

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This is Cornwall's real-life secret garden. Formerly the family estate of the Tremaynes, Heligan's magnificent 19th-century gardens fell into disrepair…

6. Portloe

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7. Veryan

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8. Port of Charlestown

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It's been off-limits for many years to everyone except film crews, but since spring 2017 Charlestown's historic port has reopened to the public. You can…