West Cornwall

It's a bit of a walk from Land's End, but this remote, rocky cove is an old favourite if you fancy a bit of seclusion away from the crowds (or most of them, at least). Head south from the headland for about 1.6 miles, and you'll spy the stony path down into the cove. The swimming is generally good, but the waves can be very strong, so take care. Otherwise, there's plenty of sand and rock pools to investigate.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby West Cornwall attractions

1. Porthgwarra

1.48 MILES

This idyllic cove ticks pretty much all the boxes you can think of: sand, slipway, translucent blue water and tall cliffs – not to mention that all…

2. Roundhouse and Capstan Gallery

1.73 MILES

Browse local paintings and artworks in this peculiar little gallery just off the harbour, housed in a circular building that would once have held a ships'…

3. Porth Chapel

1.87 MILES

A beach for the active: this attractive rocky cove is backed by high cliffs and sits in a remote spot along the coast path in the far west of Penwith,…

4. Porthcurno Telegraph Museum

1.96 MILES

This fascinating museum charts the unlikely tale of Porthcurno's role in transatlantic telecommunications. In 1870 an underwater cable was laid here,…

6. Longships Lighthouse

2.44 MILES

Perched on a rocky reef, 1.25 miles out to sea from Land's End, this famous lighthouse is a marvel of maritime engineering. Built to warn ships away from…

7. Gwenver Beach

2.46 MILES

The northern end of Sennen's sands is the prettiest, a 150m curve of soft yellow sand. It's joined with the main beach at low tide, but it's a bit more…

8. Logan Rock

2.68 MILES

Perched on the end of the headland above Porthcurno, this massive boulder once famously rocked back and forth on its own natural pivot with only the…