Carnival in San Miguel

Carnaval de San Miguel

The biggest party in the country takes place in the final week of November.
Food & Drink in Juayúa

Fería Gastronómica

A popular food fair held every weekend in the main square. Guinea pig and frog skewers headline an ambitious menu; less risky fare includes riguas de coco (fried coconut and cornmeal) and the ubiquitous elote loco (…
Religious in El Salvador

Fiestas Agostinas

Celebrates El Salvador’s patron saint. All cities have festivities; San Salvador’s is the biggest.
Parade in El Salvador

Dia de Indepencia

This national holiday is observed annually to commemorate independence from Spain.
Religious in San Miguel

Fiestas Patronales

Every November San Miguel honors the Virgen de la Paz with Fiestas Patronales, marking the occasion with holy processions and enormous, colorful sawdust carpets. Save yourself for its blowout finale, Carnaval, a cit…
Cultural in Central El Salvador

Bolas de Fuego

To commemorate an eruption of Volcán San Salvador that destroyed their original town, Nejapa residents spar by throwing balls of fire then dancing till dawn around street bonfires.
Cultural in Suchitoto

Festival de Maíz

Suchitoto’s corn-harvest festival involves religious processions and street parties centering around the Parque Central.
Fair in Chalatenango Highlands

Festival de Hamacas

Hammocks fill the streets of Concepción Quezaltepeque during this street fair, held the second weekend in November.
Art in Perquín

Festival del Invierno

Perquín’s week-long art and music festival is popular with the boho crowd and college students.