Ruinas de San Andrés

Ruins in Central El Salvador

In 1977 a step pyramid and a large courtyard with a subterranean section were unearthed at this site, inhabited by Maya between AD 600 and AD 900. Experts believe that up to 12,000 people lived here.

These peaceful ruins are 33km west of San Salvador and 300m north of the highway in the Valle de Zapotitán. Take the Santa Ana bus 201 from San Salvador’s Terminal de Occidente and get off at Km 33 at the sign for the ruins.

The city once dominated the Valle de Zapotitán and possibly the neighboring Valle de las Hamacas, where San Salvador is now situated.

If combining this with a visit to Joya de Cerén, visit Joya de Cerén first, then catch any bus on the highway for the short distance to San Andrés.