Mirador de Turi


For a lovely view of Cuenca, take a taxi ($5) 4km south of town along Avenida Solano to the stark white Church of Turi. The views of Cuenca’s famous, romantic skyline are especially pretty at sunset and on November and December evenings, when the city fires up the Christmas lights.

An alternative way to get here is via double-decker city tour bus ($8), departing every half-hour or so from the north side of Parque Calderón.

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Nearby Cuenca attractions

1. Río Yanuncay

0.63 MILES

About 1km south of the Old Town's La Escalinita staircase, this peacefully wending river has tree-clad bankside green space perfect for a picnic. Upriver,…

2. Planetario Ciudad de Cuenca

1.27 MILES

If you speak Spanish, Cuenca's planetarium screens its show twice daily. Morning screenings usually require a reservation.

3. Archaeological Park


Walk through the extensive ruins of buildings believed to be part the old Incan city of Tomebamba. Thanks to the Spanish conquistadors who carted off most…

4. Inca Ruins

1.41 MILES

A patch of Inca ruins lies near the river, between the east end of Larga and Av Todos los Santos. Most of the stonework was destroyed to build colonial…

6. Museo Manuel Agustín Landivar

1.42 MILES

At the east end of Calle Larga, this museum has archaeological exhibits and tours of the Ruinas de Todos Santos, which reveal Cañari, Inca and Spanish…

7. Puente Roto

1.42 MILES

Most of this bridge, above a pretty stretch of Paseo 3 de Noviembre, was washed away during a flood, but its stone arches make a nice venue for an open…