Museo Alberto Mena Caamaño


Get a glimpse of Quito’s early colonial history through wax figures depicting the city's key events, including the massacre of August 2, 1810 when some 200 independence-seeking quiteños (people from Quito) were executed.

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1. Centro Cultural Metropolitano

0.01 MILES

Just off Plaza Grande, this beautifully restored building houses the municipal library and lecture rooms, and hosts temporary art exhibitions.

2. Palacio de Gobierno

0.03 MILES

The low white building on the northwestern side of Plaza Grande is the seat of the Ecuadorian presidency. Visitors can enter by joining a free guided tour…

3. Iglesia del Sagrario

0.04 MILES

Beside the cathedral on García Moreno stands the 17th-century Iglesia del Sagrario.

4. Catedral Metropolitana

0.05 MILES

On Plaza Grande's southwest side stands Quito's cathedral. Although not the most ornate of the Old Town’s churches, it has some fascinating works by…

5. Plaza Grande

0.06 MILES

While wandering around colonial Quito, you'll probably pass through the Plaza Grande several times. Its benches are great for soaking up the Andean…

6. Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús

0.07 MILES

Capped by green-and-gold domes, La Compañía de Jesús is Quito’s most ornate church and a standout among the baroque splendors of the Old Town. Free guided…

7. Palacio Arzobispal

0.09 MILES

On the northeast side of Plaza Grande, this former archbishop’s palace is now a colonnaded row of small shops and restaurants, located between Avenidas…

8. Casa Museo María Augusta Urrutía

0.13 MILES

Of Quito’s house museums, this is the one not to miss: it’s a splendidly preserved, 19th-century home that was once the abode of the city’s best-loved…