Cumandá Parque Urbano


The Old Town's old bus terminal has been converted into a sparkling covered cultural center and sports complex with a volleyball court, soccer pitch, climbing wall, yoga studios and several small swimming pools – all free of charge. Those not interested in getting their heart rate up can take in the temporary art exhibitions, theater performances, live music and other cultural events that are now held here. It's accessed from La Ronda.

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1. Iglesia de Santo Domingo

0.28 MILES

A fabulous neo-Gothic altar dominates the inside of the Iglesia de Santo Domingo. Construction of the church began in 1581 and continued until 1650.

2. Museo Fray Pedro Bedón


The museum at the Convento Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Plaza Santo Domingo has a pretty garden cloister and a fine assortment of colonial religious art.

3. Plaza Santo Domingo

0.31 MILES

Plaza Santo Domingo, near the southwest end of Calle Guayaquil, is a regular haunt for street performers. The plaza is beautiful in the evening, when the…

4. La Ronda

0.32 MILES

La Ronda is a colorful cobblestone street featuring colonial houses mostly given over to souvenir shops, bars and restaurants, and carefully restored for…

6. Museo de la Ciudad

0.43 MILES

This first-rate museum depicts daily life in Quito through the centuries, with displays including dioramas, model indigenous homes and colonial kitchens…

7. Museo Casa de Sucre

0.44 MILES

The beautifully restored former home of Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre, the hero of Ecuadorian independence, is now a small museum full of early-19th…

8. Arco de la Reina

0.44 MILES

This massive arch, built in the 18th century to give shelter to churchgoers, spans García Moreno.