Southern Highlands

On the central plaza, this small museum details the history and techniques of wood carvings, pottery, textiles and panama hats, and sells some locally made work.

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1. La Casa de la Makana

1.64 MILES

Visit La Casa de la Makana to see how makanas shawls are made, and how the different dyes are mixed. These are sought-after items: one makana can take…

2. Orquideario

3.31 MILES

Orchid aficionados will want to check out the Ecuadorian species and hybrids grown here.

3. Archaeological Park

15.3 MILES

Walk through the extensive ruins of buildings believed to be part the old Incan city of Tomebamba. Thanks to the Spanish conquistadors who carted off most…

5. Church of San Blas

15.39 MILES

The only Cuenca church built in the form of a Latin cross, and one of the city's largest, the Church of San Blas sits at the eastern end of the slightly…

6. Museo Manuel Agustín Landivar

15.48 MILES

At the east end of Calle Larga, this museum has archaeological exhibits and tours of the Ruinas de Todos Santos, which reveal Cañari, Inca and Spanish…

7. Inca Ruins

15.48 MILES

A patch of Inca ruins lies near the river, between the east end of Larga and Av Todos los Santos. Most of the stonework was destroyed to build colonial…

8. Puente Roto

15.59 MILES

Most of this bridge, above a pretty stretch of Paseo 3 de Noviembre, was washed away during a flood, but its stone arches make a nice venue for an open…