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Get an insight into Timor-Leste's dark history in Dili’s museums, then venture out of the capital. Hike to jungle caves, wander through misty mountain village markets, and sip local coffee on the terrace of grand Portuguese pousadas. Bump along diabolical roads, stopping for photos of the seascapes as you grip the cliffs along the coast.

Strap on a snorkel and marvel at the pristine reefs that fringe the north coast and Ataúro, or delve deeper with dive companies that are proud to show off sites with superlative reef fish biodiversity. Trailblaze your way through this amazing country, and find out what everyone else has been missing.

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$86 Tours & Sightseeing

Half-Day Dili Cultural Tour

You’ll start your guided half-day Dili tour with an easy walk through Largo de Lecidere Park, along shaded pathways as you pass by the local fruit markets until you reach the Gembel Art Collective. Here you’ll have time to browse the exhibition hall and even meet the local artists all working on-site.  From there, you’ll jump on a microlet — the minibuses that are the preferred local form of public transport. You’ll ride alongside locals who are going about their day and who are always surprised to see a “Malay” (foreigner) — don’t be surprised if a few locals want to practice their English on you and tell you all about themselves!  The next stop on our Dili tour will be the PNTL (National Police Memorial) that honours the 12 police officers who were killed during 2006 Dili crisis. You’ll then take a short walk along the busy Vila Verde Road to the Dili Cathedral, before hopping on your next microlet ride. From there, it’s on to Dili’s main street, Comoro Road, and the Manleuana local markets. Here you’ll find hundreds of traders selling everything from fresh produce to plants, clothing, crafts and household items. Spend some time browsing the market, where you’re free to grab a cold drink or snack at one of the many stalls serving the locals.  Take another short walk to a local school, where you’ll get the chance to chat with some students learning English. Help them practice their conversation skills before hopping on the next microlet that’s eagerly awaiting.  Head for Timor Plaza, Dili’s newest feature on the skyline and the city’s only western-style shopping centre. There’s a great photo opportunity here as you head up to the fifth floor and take in the panoramic view of the city and harbour.    Then, back on the roadside you’ll flag another microlet that’s heading back toward the CBD. Travel along the waterfront on the Dili Esplanade that’s lined with foreign embassies and government offices.  The last stop will be in the historical Motael area, where you’ll walk past sites such as the Farol Lighthouse, the Dili Massacre Memorial, the Motael Church, the Statue of Integration, the Government Palace, and the Casa Europa.

$216.48 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Tour of Dili

Meet your guide between 8am and 8:30am at your accommodation in Dili, then take a seat in your vehicle to begin your 7-hour tour. First, head to the Australian World War II Memorial and Museum in Dare and learn how the Timorese people supported Australian soldiers against the occupying Japanese forces between 1942 and 1945.Afterward, visit sites of interest including the Santa Cruz cemetery — infamous as the site of the Santa Cruz massacre of 12th November 1991 — and the Xanana Cultural Centre, which showcases a collection of photographs and paintings of Timorese resistance fighter and politician Xanana Gusmão. Here, visit the East Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum for a 40-minute guided tour, and gain insight into Indonesia’s troubled occupation of the region.Following a delicious Timorese buffet lunch, visit alocal craft market where women practise the traditional arts of fabric- and basket-weaving. Along the way, discover top sites of interest such as the National Parliament and the popular Chega! Exhibition — standing for truth and reconciliation in East Timor.Head east along the coast to the Cristo Rei of Dili statue — widely considered among the city’s top attractions. Here, choose to either explore the gardens or follow the Stations of the Cross to the top for panoramic views.When your time at the Cristo Rei of Dili statue comes to an end, return in comfort to your accommodation in Dili to conclude your tour.

$2078 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8-Day Timor Explorer Tour

This 8 day gives travellers the full Timor Leste experience starting out with a  Dili City Tour. Exploring East Timor’s laid-back capital of Dili, which has sprung to life since independence in 2002. Departing Dili we travel east along the spectacular ocean road stopping for some crocodile feeding in Metinaro, arriving in Baucau, Timor-Leste’s second largest city. Taking a walking tour of the “Old Town” exploring the Portuguese influenced town.  Then on to the 7 Tunnels built by the Japanese during WW2 arriving in Loihuno, set amongst the forests, waterfalls, resistance hideouts, and  the Mundo Perdido (“Lost World”) Mountain Range.  We take a short trek up to limestone caves continuing on to the tiny seaside village of Com on the fringes of the Nino Konis Santana Marine & Terrestrial National Park, and Jaco Island, visiting the ancient cave paintings at Iii Kere-Kere and the numerous stone sarcophagi and animistic shrines throughout the  Los Palso district. Travelling back to Dili and onto Atauro Island in the Wetar Strait well known for dolphin and whale activities,  Island time now kicks in.The Island is alive with soft coral and tropical sea life.  Take a leisurely dip in the water, or vigorously swim around our pristine private beaches.  Swim or float on the crystal clear waters or let one of the experienced Island guides take you away to a few favourite sites. For an added cost, the Island staff  will assist you in organizing your island activities that include: * guided snorkelling or scuba diving* Hiking & trekking* Tiga Roda Village Tour* Offshore Fishing* Massage* Dolphin & Whale Watching* 4X4 Tours* Mountain Bike ToursA buffet dinner is served at the lodge or you can choose to visit the Local “Italian Restaurant” in the village of Villa.We travel back to Dili, were you have the choice to explore more of the city and do some shopping or enjoy the beach and café strip before departing Dili in the morning.

$240 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Maubara and Liquica Tour from Dili

After being picked up from your hotel you will travel west along the esplanade through East Timor’s laid-back capital of Dili, which has sprung into life since independence in 2002. The city is nestled into the base of the surrounding hills, which are lush and green in the rainy season. You will pass by many historical buildings, monuments and religious places including the Farol Lighthouse, Statue of Integration and Dili’s oldest church, Motael.   You will arrive at the Tasi Tolu Peace Park (Tasi-Tolu literally means “three seas” in the local language) and refers to 3 salt lakes that comprise the Tasi-Tolu wetlands. The area is of national cultural significance being an important symbol of the struggle for Independence, and was declared a national park in 2000. The Tasi Tolu Alter is built in the shape of a traditional Uma Lulik or sacred house and was commissioned for the visit by Pope John Paul II where he celebrated mass in 1989. A large bronze statue of Pope John Paul II was commissioned by the Timorese Government 2003 in memory of his visit.  The next stop is the ruins of the Aipelo Military Command Post, which dates back to 18th Century and served as a prison, run by the Portuguese until 1959.  Travelling further west we arrive at the colorful seaside town of Maubara where the women are renowned for the production of hand woven, basketwork. Taking a break for morning tea in the Fort of Maubara, built by the Dutch in the 1850’s, a building that generated many disputes between the Dutch and Portuguese during that time. You will then you have free time to explore the craft markets along the seaside. Travelling back towards Dili, you will stop in Liquisa which is the closest district to the west of Dili, taking a 1.5 hour easy walking tour of the historical town with its Portuguese influenced architecture, visiting 12 sites that have been identified as significant cultural and historical sites. You will have lunch at the Black Rock Resort and enjoy a refreshing swim at the Black Rock Beach before returning to Dili.

$729 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Nino Konis Santana National Park Safari

This 3 day overland safari takes travelers to the most eastern district of Timor Leste, exploring the Portugueseinfluenced town of Baucau along the way. Day 2 & 3 is spent discovering the Nino Konis Santana Marine & Terrestrial National Park, including the spectacular beaches of Jaco Island and the ancient cave paintings at Iii Kere-Kere and the numerous stone sarcophagi and animistic shrines throughout the district. The Nino Konis Santana National Park is East Timor's first national park. The park, established on 3 August 2007, covers 1,236 square kilometres. It links important bird areas such as Lore, Mount Paitchau, Lake Ira Lalaro, and Jaco Island. Staying for 2 nights in the beachside village town of Com. This trip offers great opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, exploring the villages, mountain walks and relaxing.Hotel pick up and drop off, Concept Accommodation, Timor breakfast daily, 4x4 Transport, english speaking guide and Entry fee’s are all Inclusive

$813 Outdoor Activities

3-Day Loi-huno Caving Adventure

Traveling East from Dili we arrive in the historic town of Bacau where we take lunch before arriving in Loi-huno, set amongst the forests, waterfalls, resistance hideouts,and  the Mundo Perdido (“Lost World”) Mountain Range. We settle in to the eco lodge that will serve as our base. The next day is spent exploring the District of Viqueque starting off with a short trek up to limestone caves where the experienced local guides will guide you through the caverns and tell the fascinating stories of how Loihuno came to be abundant with water and agriculture. Lunch at the hotel and time to rest before we head to village for a traditional cooking class and delicious dinner.Cooking classes really give our visitors the opportunity to experience the daily life of Timorese women.  Returning to the hotel after dinner.  We set out towards dili today visiting the 7 Tunnels built by the Japanese during WW2 to store Munitions, vehicles and food. Taking lunch in Bacau and taking a refreshing swim at the historic Piscina (spring feed pool) Arriving in Dili around 5pm. Price is inclusive of hotel pickups, all Entry Fee’s and Air-conditioned 4x4 Transport, accommodation, breakfasts, and english speaking guide.