Mud Geysers


Watch volcanic mud and steam bubbling up from this weird grey landscape. The spot is five minutes from Oesilo, which is around a 1½-hour drive south of Pante Makassar and close to the Indonesian border. Take an ojek (motorcycle taxi) out here if you don't have a vehicle.

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1. Maslete Village

10.99 MILES

Just 3.5km from Kefamenanu is this traditional village and sonaf (palace). Made from wood carved with mythical birds and an imposing grass roof with…

2. Ponte Noefefan

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This new, photogenic three-arched bridge spans Tono River and links the rest of Oecusse to those in the 'city' (which is actually not many people).

3. Lifau Monument

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Lifau, 5km west of Pantemakassar, is the site of the original Portuguese settlement in Timor-Leste. The original rock-studded monument here commemorates…

4. Oelolok

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Oelolok, a weaving village 33km from Kefa, is home to Istana Raja Taolin, a royal house and nine-pillar, tin-roofed lopo (beehive-shaped meeting house)…